Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#9 09/08/2018 09:16

Hi everyone! Today is the 9th day of my art-challenge and I’m really happy that you are reading me! I hope my english is not very disgusting. If you are reading me today at first time you can look my previous nine or ten posts to know what does it mean. Or you can use the tag #elenasorokachallenge.

And here it is the picture of today. At this moment it is my most favourite picture. Right now when I’m writing this message I look at it. And I feel pleasure from my own creation. I’m just pleased to look at this. To look at these chaotic forceful brush strokes, at these colors. So… Let’s see how many "likes" from you this picture will get. You will like it or not. I know and you know that I promised that I will not to try to please you. But I’m sure it’s very interesting as the resulting conclusion. That why I want to understand what’s happening.

I feel strange myself when I try to guess if will like you some picture. But I understood that you prefer those my art-work that didn’t take a lot of my time. When I didn’t try to make something especial and didn’t think too much (as I promised, of course). Just had do it, was switching off my brains. And those art-works I was planning scrupulously and then I was painting for a long time you don’t very like for some reason. I suspect I’ve already wrote about it… but what can I do if I think about this all time (it’s a joke).

So have a nice day! And I will wait your reaction to compare our preferences.



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