Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#7 07/08/2018 09:46

Hi everyone! Today is 7rd day of my art-challenge. All is OK, but english… everithing feels wrong… English is given to me with difficulty. I can’t feel this language like spoken. For me it’s a algorithm language, like some meccano, like Lego consisting of connected blocks. In my mind i have a phrase on russian, and I’m constracting a phrase on english from Lego’s builging blocks. And I do it slowly and thoughtfully. I don’t have a feeling of alive speech. I just understand that in the sentence the word has to stay on the appointed place and I’m putting it there like a puzzle’s piece.

I feel myself like a robot. What is more I feel myself like a very primitive robot. I can’t write on english as complicated as I speak on my native language. And I can’t construct my speech as simple as it is required my english. It’s a dilemma.

I think I need not only to write a diary. I need to correspond with somebody or better to speak with somebody permanently. I need to speech as much such I’ll be tired to think what and how to say. In my life had have situations like this. It was under stress, I was so boiled over that I didn’t think what I tell and on which language I speake. But you know it’s very exhausting way to learn a foreing language. And what is your story of learning a foreing language? Tell me, please.

Sometimes it seems like nobody read me. People just watch a picture, put his like and go forward, without reading me. Humans, where are you are? I don’t even know if my english looks like an english…

So… Have a nice day! And talk with me!



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