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Art-challenge: day#6 06/08/2018 08:25

Hi there! Today is 6rd day of my art-challenge. I’ll remind you what does it mean. Every day I paint a new little picture, show it to you and write a shot story on english (it’s not my native language and I try to learn it). Soon these pictures will be so many that I will not to know what to do with these (it’s a joke).

Do you have a cat? What do you think cats are clever or not? I don’t understand those people who say that cats are just primitive animal and not very clever. I don’t agree categorically. You already know that I have a cat. The gorgeous completely black cat with green eyes. By the way, his name is Tyoma. I’m presenting you a photo of him too (he doesn’t have a lot of photo, because on all photo he looks like a black shapeless blur with frightened eyes, this is the best photo of him). But right now I’ll tell about his cunning. He never… never eat up his food completely. He always leaves in his bowl a little fodder. I don’t know why. If I give him less food, he eats less and always leaves a bit. And asks more food again. I see that his bowl is not empty and I wait when he will eat all fully. But he don’t. And he understand why I don’t give him more food. He knows that is needed an empty dish. And what does he do? He takes out remaining food a piece by piece and hides it from me under his bowl with water. I see that the bowl is empty and I give him a new food. The cat reaches his goal. If is this not a intellect so that what is it?

Have a good day and stay tuned!



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