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Art-challenge: day#5 04/08/2018 10:16

Hi everyone! Here is my today’s picture. It’s not very abstract, but as is. I promised to show here all I’ll paint, even if I don’t like it.

Yesterday I wrote about bloggin’s role in our life. Today I continued to think about it and I have one more thought about this. Our parents had private diary and wrote its on paper. It was sacred process, nobody couldn’t to read written. Nowadays private diary is written on the net. And friends are invited to read and discuss them. Blogging replaced the diary, the diary became public. The blog became a private diary but now friends are involved in it. Does it mean that modern people expand the boundaries of personal space? How it influence on our life, in which there is less and less private? That is the question…

But today I wish tell you about another thing. Today I finish a new big art-work. I’ll show it on Sunday, when will be my challenge’s day-off. Have you ever had such as (if the artists are reading me) you paint a picture and then couldn’t tear oneself away like hypnotized? I such often have. The art-work is already finished, but I continue to look at it. I don’t tell about situation when am searching defect or weakness. There is enother. There is some kind of greed: is this all mine? this is all mine! And I’m loooking-looking-looking at. This is kind of drug, if I come away, I am immediately longed for back – to look at. In the middle of the night I can wake up and go to watch.

And I need to look at my works when I feel a prostration. It’s seems when I’m working I put in my art-work much my energy. And at some moment when my energy is ended (I’m tired, or I’m sad or just somewhat upset), my work shares its energy with his own creator. In such moments I feel that my canvas is a living being that I called to life.

Stay tuned and talk with me!




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