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Art-challenge: day#4 03/08/2018 10:08

Hi there! Today is 4th day of my art-challenge. And this day began from the foretaste. I waked up and started to think about colors that I will use in my today’s artwork. It seems I’m beginning to get involved in the process. This is pleasant sensation, you know. Have you ever ran your private blog in social nets? I think most of us say me that yes. Almost everyone has blog today. I’m sure it’s very advantageously. Because the blog helps to love yourself! You’ll tell me that everyone loves himself, and how blogging can influece at it? Sounds strange but think about it! I’m blogging about ten years. From time to time I tell to my friend what happened today, what about I’m sad or cheerful. Or I’m making repost some joke or funny story. Or just interesting pictures. Something that I liked or that corresponded with my posture at this moment. So, when I feel myself a little desolate I’m beginning to watch old records of my blog. It was so long time ago that it’s seems like another person blogged all of this. At the same time all thoughts in it are so close and intimate as if this person understands you best of all. You love this person and this person loves you. And when you realize that this person and there you are, you understand that you are not so bad… you are nice enough, and more… You are awesome! You are gorgeous! You did the right things and your life was so interesting all this time! That’s what’s doing with us the power of mutual love! We can’t love yourself. I don’t tell about self-love, I tell about healthy love to yourself, as you are. And we need some tools to helps yourself to love yourself. And I think the blogging is just this tool. That’s why so many people do blogging.


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