Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#26 29/08/2018 15:30

Hi there! Today is 26th day of my art-challenge. And it means that left only four picture do make. And soon I will summarize my challenge. I regret that didn’t record my "revelations" during all time and I’m afraid I will forget many things. But in any event this adventure useful not only by conclusions, but by my own changes. For example, I understood that not all people, who can communicate on english, khow english well enough. But they don’t reflect of it and just communicate. And more… Before this challenge I was sure that all people around me can speak english. And only I am such backward person. But when I was starting to ask my friends have they red me or just have put likes, my friends tell me that they don’t understand english and therefore they don’t read me. I was surprised but picture of my world changed again. And such small observations and conclusions were very numerous.

The history of other days you can find by tag #elenasorokachallenge.

Have a nice day!



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