Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#25 28/08/2018 12:06

Hi everyone! This is my 25th art-work of my art-challenge. All other pictures you can find by tag #elenasorokachallenge. I hope you will enjoyed its.

Do you always say hello when you write to somebody at first time on current day? I think Internet is strange thing, it create a sense of presence of people you communicate with often. Your friend there is always in your smartphone. Is not at somewhere else, is not on the work, is not in a shopping center, is not at home, just is in your smartphone. And it’s not inportant when you was communicating last time – a week ago or just yesterday. Cause he is always near you, you don’t need to salute him as by first meeting. I understand that not to say hello is not polite, but with close friends I always forget to do this. For me the high degree of closeness is to have opportunity to write some question at any moment, without any salutations, as if we are just continuing a broken conversation. And what do you think about it. How do you feel that?

Have a nice day!



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