Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#24 27/08/2018 15:47

Hi everyone! Today 24th day of my #elenasorokachallenge. I’m drawing to a close, it is remained only six pictures to make. This is the last week, and the last art-work I’ll show you at Monday.

My works are my own projection. When I’m painting something or I’ve just finishing somewhat, I don’t always like it. The acceptance come later. I want to remember this sense for casual life. It is nessesary to love yourself and accept yourself in any case, even you don’t like something in yourself. Time will pass and you can appreciate that it was excellent in you. How many art-works was there in the process of work by which I thought: "omg, what’s a crap (I’m not sure that I use this word correctly… if somebody knows russian, it has to mean "хрень"), why I’m doing all this?". Now I understand I was my better works. So in life, you look back and think: it were better days in my life. So why thereatI hadn’t understanding that? May be what I have right now is the best too? And I just don’t appreciate that what happens with me right now? I think this text I have to print and hang on the fridge. For every new day starts with this reminder.

Have a nice day!



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