Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#23 25/08/2018 14:54

Hi everyone! Let me introduce you my 23th day’s picture. I have to admit that with this work I was cunning a bit. One or more year ago I had already sleeping when in my mind appeared some picture. I waked up, gone to my working room, took pastels and make a speed sketch of new idea. I painted very fast and over-simplified. And then I came back to my bed. In the next morning I saw my sketch and was falling in love in it. It was very delicate and soft. I tried to repeat its on the canvas by oil paints, but I couldn’t reproduce this sensation. Time by time during a year I tryed to finish this work, but something was stopping me. I couldn’t. And for a long time I was afraid to continue this work. But now I have very lucky conditions. First, I haven’t a empty canvases anymore and I have to overpaint my old works. And second, I’m working with my fears in my art-challenge. So I decided not to overpaint this work but to finish it. My first nightly sketch is better in any case, but I like this new picture too. Here is my today’s story here.

Have a nice day!



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