Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#22 24/08/2018 14:43

Hi there! Today is a picture of 22th day of my art-challenge, and I will tell about it a bit later. Now I only want to say that twenty two days are very-very much. I have 22 different art-works, I have not blank canvases anymore and I don’t have any empty space to dry all my oil works in my working room. I’m afraid I will be drived away from my home soon. Today’s work is not only oil paints, it is acrylic too. I use mixed media.

A few days ago one of my friends tell me story about woman who suffered dissociative identity disorder. The book "Sivilla" about her was written by Flora Rita Shrayber. This is hystory of woman, in whose mind existed sixteen different persons. And my dear friend show me a picture painted by one of her personality. I attached this picture as second today. Her picture impressed me very much, I saw a madness in it before I have known a story of artist. I was thinking about her painting a few day and I wanted to imagine my own version of madness. Now you can see that.

Have a nice day!



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