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Art-challenge: day#21 23/08/2018 13:40

Hi everyone! Today is 21th day of my art-challenge, and yesterday I spoke it is a great day. Why? Yoga tradition tells that on 21th day you fall into the habit to do something. And to what do I hope to fall into a habit? All people have a fear of the unknown, a fear of the something new. We don’t think about it as a fear, but our psyche resists of any changes. Cause the psyche consider all new as potential risk. The organism thinks why I’m needed that. This is terrible, this is dangerous. Let’s keep it all as is. As a result you feel yourself as paralyzed. To turn aside from habitual way, that is major reason why I’ve started this challenge. So today is 21th day, and I hope I already have at least a little habit.

Please, see my previous posts about my art-challenge by tag #elenasorokachallenge.

Have a nice day!



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23/08/2018 17:07   #1

Русский язык хотелось бы, может тогда на 21 пост появится хотя бы один ответный комментарий?

23/08/2018 20:34   #2

Олег, челлендж задумывался именно на английском. Я писала об этом перед его началом, и напоминаю периодически в текущих постах. Если любопытно, спуститесь вниз по блогу.

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