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Art-challenge: day#2 01/08/2018 10:21

Hi everyone! Today is 2nd day of my art-challenge. I’ll remind you that it’s my personal 30-day challenge. Every day I’m going to paint one abstract picture and write a little story on english. In this way I hope to get new skills for my creative work and for my spoken english. 

If you want to discuss my art-works or just to chat with me – welcome! I very hope you’ll do it!

This is my second work, I’m looking at it now and thinking that in my life appeared blue color. A few time ago I suddenly had a wish to change colors of my room. I got rid of all brown and beuge things, and replace them with another blues. And now I see that blue color appeared in my works too. Before that my work burnt red and orange.

Earlier I wrote about this cycle. I don’t know what is first, my clothes, interier, accessories or my art-works. But if is changed one, then is changed other.

You could ask me what is changed in my life yet with this challenge? I allways wanted to keep my own blog. To write something about my creative life or how did I get to this kind of life… But I’m to lazy and sociopathic for this. And now I have one big advantage. This is a discipline! I promised myself and I told about this to all other. So I can’t not do this. I don’t think that I’ll change situation cardinally by that. But at least now I have to write 30 blog posts.

I know my story is not very interesting and amazing. It’s very hard for me to write on english. But I’ll do my best.

Stay tuned and talk with me!




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