Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#18 20/08/2018 13:02

Hi everyone! There is my new today’s work and this is 18th day of my art-challenge. And I want to tell about next… Friends, who write me, has set me thinking. Sometimes they questions me what about I was thinking when I was painted my regular abstraction, what did I try to express by that. They even tries to guess what it looks like. Of course, it’s possible to paint like that. Most of artists work just so. But I’m realizing an art-experiment at this moment. I don’t imagine nothing beforehand, I don’t try to express something especially. I just paint what I want to paint at this moment. Each my abstract picture is the reflection of my present emotional state. And I don’t know nothing about myself at this moment. But if you will analyse my art-work carefully, you will get slice of my mind. It’s like a Luscher’s test. Because the person always interacts with colours. The surrounding colour spectrum change our mood, and the mood makes to prefer specific colour spectrum. That is why a week ago, when I was looking at my new work, I have suspished that I was some depressed. Those were colours combination and brushstroke’s dynamics. It turns out that my works are deeply personal and intimity things. It’s a bit scary to show them like this. But, on the other hand, the artist always turns himself inside out in his works. But not everyone can see it.

Be happy and have a nice day!



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