Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#17 18/08/2018 13:45

Hi everyone! Today is 17th day of my art-challenge. And it is second day that I paint on old used canvas. I can’t buy new canvases in any way, so I have to overpaint my old failed pictures. I have some blank cardboard, but I so hate to paint on cardboard! It’s unbelieveable but I don’t have a time to visit an art-shop. I have no time to sleep yet…I don’t know what I do but time always disappears somewhere.

I often wite about love. Do you know why? Cause the art for me is a love. The artist expresses what he loves, I think. And visa versa, that what the artist expresses, he starts to love. I remember how in one my art-work I decided to depict a spider. But I was afraid of spiders very much! I was needed an exemplar of spider and I was beginning to search spider’s photos in the internet. I was able to do it only one minute! Then I felt a disgust and closed a browser. Next attempt was three days later. I was able to download a few pictures. Then I felt disgusted and closed a browser. And during some next days I was shuddering when I seen this photos in my smartphon. A few days later I printed some pictures with spiders and put its on many surfaces in my room. And during some next days I was shuddering when I see this photos in my room. Then I was starting to paint a spider. I had to look at spider very fixedly to view all details. And suddenly I found that I feel an interest. The spider was so beautiful! I almost felt in love with spiders when I’ve finished my work! I don’t know what I will do if I see a real spider but now I can watch the photos with pleasure at least. I think it is a feature of artist – to love what he paints, what he creates. And when I draw a portrait of unfamiliar person I have starting to feel a sincere sympathy to him. All people are excellent! You just need to find your own way to sight this.

See you later!



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