Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#15 16/08/2018 10:36

Hi everyone! This is my art-work of 15th day of my art-challenge. And it means that I’ve already passed a half of my art-challenge! This is the equator! I can’t believe in that, but day by day I’m falling in love with my travel more and more. Each day is unique, each work is different from others. I feel how change my mood every day, I see that on my pictures. Two art-works ago I painted picture, I felt sad myself on it. On the next day picture was a little more positive, I feel myself more joyful and stronger. And one of my friend wrote me that I became more confident. And today’s picture make me happy. I don’t know why but I feel myself more cheerful. By the way I’m reminding you that all my art-challenge’s picture you can find by tag #elenasorokachallenge.

When I was started this challenge I was afraid that some pictures will not enough good to show these to everyone. Cause I was making these so little time. And I didn’t nave a chance to change something and to bring to perfection. I was afraid I will be ashamed of this. But I love all my art-works, and sad, and merry. Because I feel that it is part of me and I see my mood on it. The person have to love any self properties. And to paint this is the best way to love its.

Have a fine day!



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