Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#14 15/08/2018 11:40

Hello everyone! This is my art-work of 14th day of my art-challenge. I’be already have 14 broad pictures and I have only one empty canvas for today. I need to go to the art-shop urgently!

Today I was working at night again. It was so silent around that I heard how my brush rustled by the canvas. That’s why else I love oil paints. They sounds. They let out a sound and every color rustles differenly. When you are creating in full silence it seems like a magic. But now I need a magic of another kind… magic of coffee, for example… I so want to sleep!!!

The today’s work is the most sad of all my picture. When I was paintins it I thought it will be very depressed. But at the end something has changed and now this work is not as so melancholy as I was afraid. I think this is enough forceful, isn’t it? And what I want to say else. Specially fot those people who didn’t read me before. All this pictures are my personal art-challenge. I paint one fast picture every day and write a some lines on english. All art-works, related with this challenge, you can find by tag #elenasorokachallenge. And this is not my ordinary style, this is only for fun.

See you later! And have a nice day!



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