Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#13 14/08/2018 16:16

Today is the 13th day of my #elenasorokachallenge. I love to work at night. This is the most honest work. During a day the brain so tired that is transmitting a control of brushes and paints to subconscious. Today I understood that I’m depressed. Not clinical melancholia, not like when people lie on the sofa in wistfulness all days, watch at the ceiling, do nothing and swallow pills. But this is like what many people has. People has it but don’t understand it. Such as everything is all right, but inside there is such cold and a hole at all. And it isn’t understandable what would like. And what is more, they would like nothing, cause become accustomed. Everything is as it should be. How do I suddenly understood this, you ask?

The artist has additional sence organ which interacts with world throught colors and shapes. The color means for me very much. This is and momentary mood, and psychological condition. Today I was working with next task and I noted which colors and a color scheme I choose. And I understood that there is a little joy in my life. What is more I see each separatly brushstroke, I see this color and this movement. And I understand where I capitulated to the mercy of hopelessness, where I try to battle, and where I just fool myself was telling to myself how everyting is good. The such spontaneous art-works could tell about person very much. The listening himself is very useful skill. Not many people has it. Ordinary people goes for this to the psychologists or esoteric gurus. And the artist has hisown way.

Don’t be sad, but love yourself, spoil yourself, trust yourself! And have a nice day!



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