Сорока Елена


Art-challenge: day#11 11/08/2018 14:46

Hi there! Today is the excellent day! Why? I don’t know why exactly. May be because I was on concert of my favorite band. May be because I was dancing all night. And yes, I’m writing about all this on the next morning. May be because my broken car could deliver me and himself to home this night. May be because today is the 11th day of my art-challenge. And every day I wonder of how big is this new count. By the way I’m reminding you that all previous posts about my art-challenge you can find by tag #elenasorokachallenge.

And what else I think today is that always there is people who likes you and people who dislikes you. It’s very important to mind about that. It is not nesessary to be liked to all indiscriminately. You don’t must to be upset if somebody tells about you scornfully. Or if you are not elected to some art-exhibition. Or somewhere you can’t to get a prize-winning place. It only means that it is simply not yours. Not those people for who you work. And yours ever will appear in your life. And may be they are searching you too. Let’s work this way as you like and someday you will dicover that you are arounded by humans who like you.

See you later and have a nice day!



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