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Art-challenge: day#1 31/07/2018 10:45

Hi there! Today is the second day of my art-challenge. But I’m writing about the first day that was yesterday. And today I’m showing the picture of the first day. And today I’m painting a new picture, you will see it tomorrow. Thus I think as not to be confused I will think today is the first day, that’s will be better.I wish write today’s story at my native language, but I don’t have a right on it. I promised myself. And I’m sure that it will be better for my English. This force me to think in English.I thought I will paint faster. It would seem that it will be easy – to paint a little picture without expectations and pretension to the final result, to the originality and technique. But this is wrong opinion. I wrote, and rewrote and rewrote again. I can’t stop because I see something new in my abstraction and I’m starting change it again and again.It was not easy. All painters are familiar with fear of the empty canvas. I thought I have already forgotten about it. Because I always had preliminary detailed sketch. But not now. And now I’m watching at the blanch canvas and I don’t know how I can to start. I see it will be very affecting challenge. I didn’t want to give to my art-works names. But when I was finishing this one, its name appeared in my head: "Heels burn". It’s a literal idiom from russian, and I don’t know if there is an analogue in english. That means "you run so fast as if someone or something is chasing after you". That’s my feeling.I wish everyone a good day! Stay tuned!




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